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Aero Twin is an OEM supplier to major airframe manufacturers. Aero Twin also offers a line of STC-PMA and TSO approved products.

Within the United States, contact our Parts Department for additional information about a specific product, including current pricing and availability. Outside of the U.S., please contact one of our world-wide distributors. Current published prices are shown in our online price list.

As of July 13th, 2010 all orders of FAA certified equiptment to be shipped outside of the US shall be billed an export fee of $100.00 USD.

Additionally, if items require EASA validation, each item requiring that validation shall be subject to an additional $100.00 USD EASA validation fee, if the EASA validation is available. Please note, not all items are currently EASA validated.

Cessna Caravan Products

Single-Place Folding Utility Seats Two-Place Folding Utility Seats Aft Cabin Utility Seating Exhaust Deflector Rudder Gust Lock
Rudder Gust Lock Repair Kit
Standby Vacuum System Extended Baggage Compartment Main Gear Fairing Ribs Brake Disk Spacers Cargo Door Trim Strip Floatplane Steps and Handles Wing Inspection Handles Nose Tire Scraper Nose Gear Gravel Deflector Main Gear Gravel Deflectors Cargo Pod Door Locks Pilot Heat Deflectors Cowl Lock Kit Tail Stand Cowl Plugs Pitot Tube Cover Fuel Sampler Cargo Door Escutcheon

Special Maintenance Tools

Deice Boot Mister Bleed Air Tester Seat Removal Tool

TSO'd Seats

TSO Seats


Cessna (single engine recip) Products

206H, T206H Folding Utility Seats Main Gear Gravel Deflectors C206 and C207 Remote Nose Gear Servicing Port Cessna Seat Stop

Bell 206 Series Helicopters

Cargo Rack Kit -The Transporter

Cessna Twin and Beechcraft King Air Series:

Single-Place Folding Utility Seats

PA-31 Series Products

Main Landing Gear Door Hinges

Pilatus PC-12/45/47

PC-12 Utility Folding Seats PC-12 Temperature Probe Coolers

Quest 100 Kodiak

Quest 100 Kodiak Single Place Folding Seat Quest 100 Kodiak Main Gravel Deflector Quest 100 Kodiak Nose Gravel Deflector Quest 100 Kodiak Nose Tire Scraper