Nose Tire Scraper

for Cessna 208 Series and Quest Kodiak 100


Aero Twin Nose Tire Scraper/Gravel Deflector installed

Operating aircraft from gravel, snow and other rough runways can cause accelerated propeller blade wear. The majority of this type of damage is from gravel, sand or water shot forward from the top of the nose wheel into the propeller arc.

Installation of a Nose Tire Scraper virtually eliminates this source of blade damage.

The steel bracket is easily installed in under 20 minutes. The rubber scraper forms to the tire during initial operations; tire wear is not affected.

close up view of the Aero Twin Nose Tire Scraper

FAA STC/PMA Approved
C208: Kit No. ATI-208TS
Quest Kodiak 100: Kit No. TSQ-100

Installation time: 1.0 hours.

(Installation times are a guideline. Actual installation time will vary depending on tools, experience, etc.)

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