Quick Fold Single Seat

For Quest Kodiak 100

TSO folding utility seat TSO folding utility seat

The DFS2T TSO’d single place folding seat is now STC approved for installation in the Quest Kodiak 100. This seat follows Aero Twin’s tradition of providing rugged, quick folding utility seats that are designed to work and built to last. These seats can easily be removed, folded, and stowed in the aircraft to make room for hauling cargo. Once the cargo is delivered, the seats can quickly be put back in place for carrying passengers on the return trip. Order a full ship set of eight seats, or just one or two seats to add to the utility of your aircraft.

FAA STC/PMA Approved

Approximate installation time: 1-15 minutes, depending on number of seats
Note: Installation time will vary depending on experience, tools, etc.

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