Aft-cabin Utility Seating

for Cessna 208 and 208B Aircraft

Proven Aero Twin, Inc. folding utility seats and cargo track installed on the aft-cabin step. Seats can be quickly removed for cargo configuration. Add one passenger seat (for 208 models) to increase your revenue! Increased comfort for aft-cabin passengers. Folding seat backs allow easy access to the extended baggage - not possible with OEM aft seating.

Aft-Cabin Utility Seating

Aft Floor Figure

In response to numerous customer requests, Aero Twin, Inc. has developed a seating system for the aft cabin of the 208 and 208B. This STC approves installation of two each Aero Twin, Inc. P/N DFS5 seats on the aft cabin shelf. A simple floor modification installs cargo rails to which the seats are attached. The existing aft-cabin shoulder harness attachment points are retained. As with our other utility seats, the aft cabin Caravan seats are quickly removed or installed, easily foldable for stowage, and built to a level of durability unmatched in the industry.

Operators of 208 models will appreciate the occupancy expansion provided by the aft-cabin seating system. With this particular STC only, the maximum number of passenger seats, excluding the pilot and co-pilot seats, is increased from 8 to 9. This allows carriage of 9 passengers, with a full pilot and co-pilot crew. For 208 operators employing a two person crew, this STC provides additional passenger revenue with the extra seat.

Installation of the Aero Twin, Inc. aft cabin seats in 208 and 208B aircraft allows operators to employ more versatile seating configurations, with the ability to simultaneously use the extended baggage kit, and convert quickly to a cargo configuration. Additional seating configurations provide increased passenger legroom and comfort, while maintaining passenger revenue levels. The OEM aft bench seat does not allow access to the extended baggage kit due to the fixed seat back installed on the aft cabin bulkhead.

FAA STC/PMA Approved

Kit P/N 208-AS, Seat P/N DFS5 (2 each seats are included with the kit)

Approximate installation time: 22 hrs.

Note: Installation time will vary depending on experience, tools, etc...

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