Brake Disk Spacers

for Cessna 208 series

For increased tire-to-brake caliper clearance with 29x11.0-10 Main Tires.

Aero Twin Brake Disk Spacer for Cessna Caravan main gear

If you run oversize main tires on your Caravan, you know that Goodyear tires can be hard to find. Use of the readily available McCreary tires can result in tire contact with the brake caliper.

This kit allows the brake disk to be spaced away from the tire to provide positive clearance.

This kit is only applicable to aircraft equipped with Cleveland 10 inch Wheel and Brake Assemblies on the main gear.

FAA STC/PMA Approved
Kit No. BS8-100
Installation time: 1.5 hours per wheel

(Installation times are a guideline. Actual installation time will vary depending on tools, experience, etc.)