Main Landing Gear Gravel Deflectors

For all models of Cessna 208, 207, 206, 185, 182, and 180 and for Quest Kodiak 100.

Prevents damage to your stabilizer and aft fuselage. Keeps mud and snow off of your wings.

Aero Twin's main gear gravel seflectors installed on aircraft.

Installing Main Gear Gravel Deflectors will help prevent costly downtime and repairs by deflecting gravel and rocks away from the horizontal stabilizer, fuselage, and the lower surface of the wings.

These are widely used by bush operators around the globe.

Installation requires no additional holes in the structure and takes one person approximately two hours. Performance is unaffected.

contents of Aero Twin's Main Gear Gravel Deflector kit

All kits are FAA STC/PMA Approved
C180: Kit No. GD5-100
C182: Kit No. GD5-102 (Through Model 182R)*
C185: Kit No. GD5-105
C206: Kit No. GD6-100
C206: Kit No. GD6-200 (for oversized main tires,
[8.50 X 10] )
C207: Kit No. AT-GD-1001
C208: Kit No. GD8-100
Quest Kodiak 100: Kit No. GDQ-100

Installation time: 2.0 hours.

*Attaching bolts, sold separately, vary by serial number

(Installation times are a guideline. Actual installation time will vary depending on tools, experience, etc.)

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