Main Landing Gear Door Hinges

for Piper PA-31 Series

Aero Twin, Inc.'s Main Landing Gear Door Hinges

Our hinges are fabricated using 17-4PH stainless steel, solution annealed, then aged to condition H1025. This process provides uniform grain structure, high strength, and absolute durability. The hinges are supplied with new bearings and hardware. These parts are FAA STC/PMA approved for installation in most PA-31 models, including all those subject to AD 80-26-05*. Installation of four inboard and four outboard hinges adds 2.8 pounds to the airplane empty weight.

*Note: AD 80-26-05 is now superseded by AD 2000-25-01, effective 1-19-2001. This AD is not applicable to airplanes equipped with our inboard hinges. The current OEM hinge (P/N 47529-32) still requires repetitive inspections at 2000 hour intervals.

FAA STC/PMA Approved
Kit No. DH31-100-1 (inboard hinge kit)
Kit No. DH31-100-2 (outboard hinge kit)
Installation time: 4.0 hours (either kit, 8.0 hours for both).

(Installation times are a guideline. Actual installation time will vary depending on tools, experience, etc.)