Nose Gear Gravel Deflector

for Cessna 208 and 208B Aircraft

Protect your cargo pod and prevent costly cargo pod de-ice boot damage.

Nose Gear Gravel Deflector

Our Nose Gear Gravel Deflector for Cessna 208 series aircraft was designed to minimize rock and FOD damage to the cargo pod, belly, propeller, and the pod deice boot. The deflector is shown above in combination with the Nose Tire Scraper; addition of the tire scraper to the gravel deflector helps increase propeller protection. It is recommended, but not required, that both the scraper and deflector be installed simultaneously for maximum equipment protection. Continuing in our tradition of durability and utility, and similar to our line of mail gear gravel deflectors, the Nose Gear Gravel Deflector is constructed of durable 4130 steel. The rubber flap conforms to the tire profile, and does not in any way accelerate tire wear. Field service has shown the Nose Gear Gravel Deflector to help greatly in increasing the operational life of the cargo pod de-ice boot; the gravel deflector will more than pay for its self the first time that a de-ice boot change is avoided. The Nose Gear Gravel Deflector is not only for gravel, our customers report that it also helps greatly when operating from paved surfaces.

FAA STC/PMA Approved
Kit P/N NGD8-100
Approximate installation time: 1 hour
Note: Installation time will vary depending on experience, tools, etc...

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