Rudder Gust Lock Handle Repair

For Cessna 208 and 208B Aircraft

Prevent the gust lock actuator handle from becoming loose.

Aero Twin's Rudder Gust Lock Repair Kit

Service history has indicated that Rudder Gust Lock assemblies with high time or cycles can wear, causing the handle to become loose. This repair kit solves this problem by bonding two reinforcement plates to the lock body. These plates increase the wear surface area and reduce handle motion. This repair may be accomplished on any gust lock unit, regardless of service life, and may be accomplished without removing the gust lock from the aircraft.

FAA STC/PMA Approved
Kit P/N ATRL-1001-REP
Approximate installation time: 3 hours

(Installation times are a guideline. Actual installation time will vary depending on tools, experience, etc.)